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Created specifically for the “Gruta”, a cave room at Galeria Nuno Cento, 2056 is an audiovisual installation that aims to recover an reinterpret a historic achievement which was the world prize received in 1956 for the polished circular-crown column by the Cooperativos dos Pedreiros (historial bricklayers’ union from Porto), and its subsequent decline.

By exploring new digital techniques of conception & construction, 2056 is composed by two vertical and one horizontal columns that fill up the space through an audiovisual narrative that deconstructs and enhance both columns and space and the relationship between them.

2 minutes Sound+Light loop.
Metal Wire Mesh, Led tubes, DMX Switcher, DMX Controller,Speakers, Laptop.

Presented at Galeria Nuno Centeno, Porto . September-November 2019