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As part of LUCity project, Openfield was invited to give a workshop and develop collaborative light installation at Officina degli Esordi / La Scuola Open Source in Bari (Italy).

LUCity |  Bari | July 2018


The project was split in 3 different parts:

1# Workshop on Arduino + LEDs and basic electronics;
2# Exhibition with the light artefacts created by the participants during the workshop;
3# Development of the a light installation at the Officina degli Esordi’s building. The goal was the creation of light structures that could be seen from outside the building, and that could work as a communication device.

Special Thanks to Marica Girardi and Lucilla Fiorentino for making it happen, and also to the participants/Super-Team: Alessandro Benedetto, Fabrizio Jimenez, Hannah Anouk, Francesca Lorusso, Nello Spazio Rosato, Annamaria Montecasino, Bruno Cama Gagliardi, Marco Masciopinto, Arcangelo Ambrosi, Alessia Harp Macrì, Rossella Ferorelli, Ambra Angri.

/ Bellow: Workshop and light artefacts created by the participants

/ Bellow: Light Installation at Officina degli Esordi’s building

The light structures worked as communication devices sending messages in Morse code to the exterior of the building. The messages were words and sentences related to the work developed at the  Officina degli Esordi, as: PROGGETARE, HACKING, OPENSOURCE, …

/Bellow part of the Arduino code used to sent the light messages. Code base on MorseCode Instructable by EbrahimB1